Surgical Specialties Corporation Brand Architecture

Surgical Specialties Corporation Brand Architecture
  • Challenge
    Surgical Specialties Corporation, formerly Angiotech, was a perfect storm of company growth, corporate reorganization, decades of branded product acquisition, and newly established branding among flagship products. Hospital administrators did not relate to the SSC brand and few made the connection between products they had been using all along and the new company identity.
  • Objective
    Define and communicate corporate as well as umbrella and family brands to create a modern, streamlined, synergistic brand architecture to reflect the new SSC corporate identity while retaining the equity of its legacy. This would be a complete branding overhaul organizationally and creatively.
  • Strategy
    Identify and unify three major family brands under the new Surgical Specialties Corporation brand: The Quill™ Knotless Tissue Device; BioSentry™; and SSC sutures, knives, needles, and related surgical products. Bring the branded legacy products into conformity with the new branding. Launch a new Website to introduce the corporate and individual brands.
  • Execution
    The Matchstick Group along with our digital partners at New Haircut created a new look and feel for the organization. Old assets work together by combining the new SSC branding with their familiar and established identities. Leadership brands stand out boldly. The family brands and sub brand work together in hierarchy, structure, and importance. From logo to layout, to digital execution the identity is clean, clinical, fresh, and inviting.


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