Surgical Specialties Corporation Brand Architecture

Market Research & Brand Development


  • Challenge

    Surgical Specialties Corporation was bringing a new product to market that would revolutionize the way interventional radiologists (IRs) thought of pneumothorax caused by percutaneous lung biopsy. However IRs didn’t really want to talk about the issues of pneumothorax and certainly didn’t want to admit that a pneumothorax happened in up to 10% of their cases

  •  Objective

    Define a new category AND overcome the perception that pneumothorax was not an issue and find a way to break down the barriers of communication

  • Strategy

    Define new brand language and unique lexicon that spoke not about treating a pneumothorax but about protecting patients from one

  • Execution

    We started with market research - spending time talking to IRs about some of the issues, fears and situations that they faced every day when performing percutaneous lung biopsies. We uncovered the relevant insight that these physicians hated the idea that they might cause a pneumothorax in a patient when what they really wanted to do was to protect them. From there, we developed a unique brand position in the market, executed a compelling creative campaign and rolled that out across multiple channels. The first of which was a product animation that not just showcased the product features, but really sold the overall value proposition.

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