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Surgical Specialties Corporation Cross-Reference Search Tool

Surgical Specialties Corporation Cross-Reference Search Tool
  • Challenge
    Converting needle, knife, and suture clients to comparable SSC SKUs on sales calls was time-consuming and cumbersome. With the number of competitors, sizes, styles, and materials resulting in over 1,000 combinations, it was no wonder.
  • Objective
    Make the process of identifying comparable SSC SKUs smarter, faster, and more user friendly to keep deals from cooling off.
  • Strategy
    To convert customers to comparable SSC SKUs, convert the catalog to a Web-based cross-reference tool! Help the limited number of reps with limited customer face time by eliminating the single biggest barrier to sales: time-consuming and complex matching of existing SKUs to new SSC SKUs.
  • Execution
    Click on “CUSTOMER PORTAL”. . . it is that easy to start accessing all the information necessary for anyone to automatically determine which SSC products will replace the existing customer product codes.

This elegant and powerfully efficient database provides product code searches and an online catalog search. It even allows for an XL upload of customer product codes from which the system will spit out corresponding SSC codes. Google Analytics shows that the page is the third most trafficked page on the Surgical Specialties Website. This highly impactful tool is such a clear-cut winner, SSC has asked The Matchstick Group and our digital partners at New Haircut to create the same functionality across multiple digital assets.

To access even more information on cross reference tools, check out our blog post here or download our handy cross reference reference guide.


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