Who We Are

President & Managing Director: Melissa Wildstein

Armed with the requisite degrees (BS, Georgia; MBA, NYU) and formidable big pharma marketing shakes, Melissa’s keen, quick smarts and easy, self-effacing charm cloak the killer instincts of a deadly, albeit, diminutive predator. In other words, she does what bigger clumsier organizations fail to do: get it right, knock it out of the park, and dazzle you with her relaxed approach to being just where you need to be and way out in front at the same time. Working within the labyrinth of New York pharmaceutical agencies taught her well the lessons of what’s important and what’s not. A sure hand with listening, understanding, transcending, and communicating, she provides an unusual combination of depth and swiftness. And her record speaks for itself.

When not in front of her medical device clients, Melissa faces an equally tough crowd as an adjunct professor at LIM College in New York City teaching courses in Brand Management and Social Media & Mobile Marketing. Melissa is at the forefront of communication trends not even being leveraged by traditional social media purveyors. You’ll find her insights (and rants!) posted on our blog and featured in our weekly newsletter.

At the helm of The Matchstick Group as managing director, Melissa ignites brands and strategies without the cumbersome old-school aspects of traditional advertising and marketing firms. Well-connected and respected, she commands a virtuoso virtual force of experts ready to light up your next initiative.